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Rev. Dr. Stacey L. Edwards-Dunn is an ordained minister, fertility coach, counselor, and writer. In addition, she is the Executive Minister of Community Engagement and Transformation at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois, and Founder of Fertility for Colored Girls (FFCG), NFP, a national organization with multiple U.S. locations and a global presence providing education, awareness, support, and encouragement for African American women/couples struggling with infertility, seeking to build the family of their dreams. Her extensive work with women/couples struggling with infertility and FFCG has been featured in the New York Times, Ebony magazine, Chicago Defender,, CBS, and more. Rev. Stacey is a sought out preacher, speaker, and coach whose professional leadership accomplishments span the fields of health care, ministry, and community engagement as she served as the Director of Community Education and Health Center Director at Planned Parenthood as well as an Health Education Coordinator for Winfield Moody Health Center. She holds a B.A. in Chemistry and Master of Public Health from Indiana University, as well as a Master of Divinity from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, and a Doctor of Ministry from McCormick Theological Seminary. She is an Adjunct Professor and the Director of African American Ministry and Black Church Studies at McCormick Theological Seminary. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta, INC. Rev. Dr. Stacey L. Edwards-Dunn is married to Earl Dunn, Sr., and they are the proud parents of one daughter, Shiloh Lupita Emon Dunn, and a puppy, Simba.


  • Top Ladies of Distinction Orchid Award, 2015

  • DuSable Museum’s Women’s History Month Dr. Margaret Burroughs Legacy Award, 2015

  • 2015 Inspiration Award for Community Service, 2015

  • Cade Foundation Gladiator Award, 2014

  • 2015 Nominee for the John Randall Hunt Prize for Outstanding DMIN, 2011

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